Feb 01, 2022
Dominique Dowling
Dunedin Casino in the community

I believe that a leader is someone who is confident in their abilities, who gives a clear direction and brings their team with them on the journey.

I am an experienced, results-minded company director whose career has spanned multiple countries, industries and world-class developments. My focus is on innovation, transformation and growth, and my mission is to turn industries and businesses around so they are better performers at the bottom line and in their community connections.

I am a successful agent of change in settings where resilience and problem-solving are key – typically complex businesses with multiple layers of stakeholders.

As the CEO of Dunedin Casino, my strategic focus is on the renewal of the Casino licence and transformation of the entertainment and hospitality businesses. Ensuring that the brand value proposition remains relevant to the community has been a major focus to date.

I collaborate and consult on major international projects in the entertainment, digital media, technology and education sectors and provide business advisory, investment and property development consultancy to various parties in the public and private spheres.

I work with organisations and company directors in global markets and provide guidance and organisation-specific advice on how to diversify and manage risk while balancing commercial and community objectives. I’m regularly asked to brief New Zealand Government Ministers, policy advisers and business leaders locally and offshore.

My global experience encompasses the finance, travel, entertainment, and hospitality industries predominantly in Canada, and a family property and investment portfolio (UK, US, Canada and Caribbean). I maintain business relationships in North America and Asia Pacific.

I am a strong proponent of authenticity, transparency and resilience in leadership. As a leader I am accustomed to making tough decisions and staying calm during the storm. However, alongside showing strength I believe in showing my human side and communicating the good, the bad and the ugly with my teams and staff.