Navigating tech and getting to the top
May 10, 2022
Cheryl Adams CEO ARL
Navigating tech and getting to the top

By all accounts, Cheryl Adams has had a very successful career so far. Starting out as a Mechanical Engineer at Manapouri Power Station, she pivoted a couple of times until she landed at Animation Research Ltd for a time as GM.

According to Sir Ian Taylor, she left after 7 years because he kept changing everything on her - which surprises no-one! But after being away for 7 years, he thought it was time to get, in his words, a “proper” CEO so he head-hunted her back - and now she’s running the show.

So how did she navigate from Mechanical Engineering to consulting to tech and on to leadership of Dunedin’s most prominent tech company, especially as a woman in such male-dominated industries?

Join Cheryl as she shares some of her trials and tribulations along the way and her secrets to getting ahead in tech.