David M was well informed upon introducing Dr Anna Campbell here tonight to talk about the ‘world of food.’ A Dunedin girl, now raising her teens here, Anna is very involved in her community centred around her family, cricket and hockey. I got the feeling that no matter what the task at hand, Anna would throw herself wholeheartedly into the fray. Enduring a rather “torturous” financial dinner 3 - 4 years ago, the conversation had turned to the ways of the ‘80’s. For Anna it was a moment to think and reflect on past behaviours and how these had changed in the way we look at, produce, consume and acquire food.

“We have come too far not to go further, we have done too much not to do more”

Sue was delighted to introduce Kathy Grant Commissioner for the Southern District Health Board. With extensive experience in the education, commercial and Health sectors, Kathy had encouraged Sue back in the day to have an active role in both Primary and Secondary Board’s of Trustees and they both received their Paul Harris awards on the same evening. Married to Stephen Grant, Mother to Michael and Rebecca and grandmother to two Scotsmen Elliot and Blair, Kathy has always been a great supporter of our Club.

A surprise second guest with a natural talent for storytelling was a delightful and humourous  addition to an already highly anticipated guest speaker. Bob Clark described Steve and Marion as the “Morecambe & Wise” of comedy leaving the gathered crowd wanting to hear more stories and watch this duo bounce off each other with their intelligence, wit and genuine respect. Steve Walker spoke to us last year on the Wildlife Hospital that continues to go  from strength to strength. He is currently campaigning for local politics and is involved in the social enterprise ‘Thankyou Payroll.’ A Labour MP from 1996 - 200, Marian Hobbs has had many roles; Minister of the Environment and Assistant Speaker of the House to name a couple. With a wealth of experience, she is now standing for Otago Regional Council.

The Community Health Council (CHC) is an advisory council for the Southern District Health Board and WellSouth Primary Health Network (hospital and community health services including GPs) and has enabled a stronger patient voice to be heard across the Southern district. Following the Treaty of Waitangi Principles: Partnership, Participation and Protection, the CHC was developed to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare from the perspective of the patient. Established in February 2017, Karen and Charlotte are here to inform and promote awareness of the CHC Council and its role within our community.
Shri had the honour of introducing this untypical, energetic and courageous adventure Dr Maureen Howard. 

Originally hailing from Northern Ireland, Maureen had lived 23 years in Dunedin, working in Sustainability Education when coming to a crossroads in her life. At the end of a work contract, needing to see her Mum, hitting the big 50 and deciding that it was time for an adventure she decided a low carbon trip to Ireland would meet the criteria. Hitchhiking, freighters, boats, buses, trains and a smile took her 35,000 kms to Ireland to see Mum on a route less travelled, 17,000 by land, 18,000 by sea. Maureen followed the summer sun taking 11 months to get there, a 6 month stay in Ireland and 8 months to get home. What an experience!! What absolute courage. What a tale to tell.

As Julia happily pointed out, Les Wilson from the Dunedin North Club needs very little introduction as most members here know him well. Carrying an injury and missing the weekly family dinner, Les told us about his adventures in Vanuatu to help the local community Votlo and see if we could help in any way for the next expedition in March 2020. I don’t know about you but I have limited ability to build anything other than a cocktail however I was so inspired, I felt the urge to book the flights immediately.
In assigning this week’s duties I may have had a wee bit of inside knowledge that Derek knew Keith and Kathryn Gordon very well. Their sons went to Kindergarten together and they have enjoyed a long friendship ever since. Currently Head of Chemistry at Otago University, Professor Keith has received a number of significant accolades. Only last week he was a recipient of the 2019 MacDiarmid Medal at the Royal Research Honours Awards. Named as the Royal Society of Chemistry Australasian Lecturer for 2019, Keith Kathryn head to Australia in a few weeks for a series of University visits and shopping.
Sponsored by the Oamaru Club, Robyn C introduced Sven who was part of the Rotary Study Exchange group that visited Tasmania earlier this year to learn more about Farming Technology. Some of you may have heard him speak at Conference, as a noted speaker, Sven is now doing the Rotary Club circuit captivating and enlightening members about his wonderful experience.Managing a 800 cow dairy farm in Nagapara near Oamaru with his wife and three children has been a positive career move from a pilot for Mainland Air. He feels lucky to be working for owners who are quick to embrace technology. His Fonterra supplying, intergenerational property is modernised enough that milking is a 1 man, 2 ½ hour operation.

I freely admit my struggle to write a summation of Jane’s story. I can’t pinpoint why other than I genuinely believed this woman deserved to be treated with the same dignity and honesty that she herself presented. The image of her standing by a window looking at the life she imagined, seeing the years unfold, the joy of family, creating a family home with her husband, building on an established career while juggling the balance of family life as the children grow or simply in years to come, eating the produce from the fruit trees recently planted. Jane can see it, just can’t reach it. This was heartbreaking.

Allen grew up in England on the family farm tended through the generations from his Grandfather to his Father, the only surviving son. His Mum on the other hand, was 1 of 12 surviving children, hence a childhood filled with a huge extended family.
Born just after the war this ‘Autumn Leaf’ completed this family of six. The impact of the war lingered for years in what Allen remembers as an idyllic, if somewhat isolated childhood, the sheer luxury of listening to Radio Luxembourg is recalled as a very happy memory along with Derby their horse, general dogsbody and mainstay of farming life until the eventual arrival of a tractor.
...and now for something quite exciting. As Sue so aptly said in her thank you, it is refreshing to hear first hand what and who Rotary does support. Adrian had the privilege to introduce Remaya, a Rotary Scholarship fellow studying Peace and Conflict at Otago University, wisely giving her the floor to tell us about her year in NZ and the journey to become a Peace Practitioner. While her family have been the solid foundation supporting and actively encouraging Remaya and her siblings to pursue their dreams, Rotary made it possible. Fulfilling a bucket list ambition to visit NZ while completing her Masters in her chosen field, Remaya is “having a blast.” A slight contrast to LA’s concrete jungle, NZ is the paradise of her dreams and thanks to the Rotary speaking circuit she is seeing places she could only have imagined last year.