Jan 18, 2022
Filadelfio’s Pizza and Upper Leith Walk
Health and Well Being

Upper Leith Walk, page 20.  Mostly easy and on the flat.  We will have an informal dinner at Filadelfio’s Pizza before we go, at 6:00 pm, which coincidentally is not far from the start of the walk.    Filadelfio’s is 3 North Road.  

From our talk from Anthony Hamel, I have taken a few of the walks from this handout, Dunedin Selected Walks.  Reference to a page number is the page in the booklet.  All walks start at 7:30 pm. Family and friends are welcome. I am not sure about dogs, you will have to make your enquiries.  My contact number is 0274 360 767 and if you cannot get me or Rajesh, Neville is the alternative.