Jan 11, 2022
Nicols Falls Walk
Health and Well Being

Nicols Falls, page 26.  To get to the start point from George Street, turn into Malvern Street and continue on Melvern Street past Fulton Road and where the road narrows stop at the next bridge.  This one requires good shoes.  This is 1.6km, and rises 120 metres so it is a bit of a workout.

From our talk from Anthony Hamel, I have taken a few of the walks from this handout, Dunedin Selected Walks.  Reference to a page number is the page in the booklet.  All walks start at 7:30 pm. Family and friends are welcome. I am not sure about dogs, you will have to make your enquiries.  My contact number is 0274 360 767 and if you cannot get me or Rajesh, Neville is the alternative.